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Cryptocurrency has come a long way from being a simple “store of value.” Blockchain networks like Ethereum function more like platforms which can be used to build blockchain-based applications.

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"While Bitcoin tends to get a lot of attention a the first major cryptocurrency, Ether and the Ethereum ecosystem represent one of the most exciting new technology visions today in society. This is clearly the emergence of a new internet - the internet of finance."
Simon Rai, Founder

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Many of the best blockchain startups in the world are using Crypto to help them unlock network value and disrupt the world. These are some of our favourite projects.


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Your data should be secure and portable. Crypto in Canada connects you with the best partners, custodians, and infrastructure providers to ensure results.

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Newton is Canada's favourite place to buy, sell and trade the most popular cryptocurrencies.


Bitpay is an innovative solution that allows you to connect a Mastercard credit card with your crypto wallet for purchases.


Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange in North America where you can buy, sell and trade all sorts of cryptocurrencies.

The Logic

The Logic’s award-winning journalism sheds light on the forces driving change in our country and around the world.


Sync your team's work and activity to share automatically in a channel with a simple plugin.

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Rig Builders is a premium crypto rig building service available only to members of Crypto In Canada. Launch June 2021.

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