Blockchain-enabled Marketplaces are Marketplaces on Steroids

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Boris Wertz, well known Tech VC has this to say about Ethereum:

“The Ethereum ecosystem has enabled the emergence of a tremendous number of protocols, platforms and exchanges that power P2P interactions around trading (Uniswap), lending (Compound), option & derivatives (Opyn) and insurance (Nexus Mutual). It’s almost unbelievable to see total value locked (TVL) go from just under $1B to almost $70B in just one year!”

And he has this to say about the effect this will have on marketplaces:

“Crypto marketplaces are marketplaces on steroids: frictionless onboarding of supply; better and more targeted incentives for buyers and sellers at any stage of a marketplace evolution; and a better and fairer business and governance model. This all creates a powerful combination that will be adopted by marketplaces across the board over time.”

“Decentralized autonomous organizations are still early in their development and many of the governance aspects and processes still need to be figured out, but the general idea is so powerful that it might be the dominant business and governance model for any marketplace going forward.”

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