Should I Start Mining Ethereum Classic When Ethereum 2.0 Switches To Proof Of Stake?

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Here is a great summary of what is going on with the price of Ethereum Classic lately from

Ethereum Classic Soared This Week

Ethereum Classic, the sibling fork of Ethereum, enjoyed a price revival this week when its price soared more than 200% to become the cryptocurrency that led the way of the bull market. Ethereum classic (ETC) started the week with a price of $36, and slowly crawled its way up to $160 on Thursday, to then experience a correction that took it to $118 at the time of writing this article. But what were the reasons that led to it?

Ethereum Classic has not been the trustiest cryptocurrency out there. Just during the last year, it suffered several 51% attacks that compromised its reliability, rolling back the chain thousands of blocks due to its falling hash rate at that time. This affected the status of the currency, and now exchanges are asking for thousands of confirmations to just acknowledge a deposit. For example, Kraken users must wait almost a week (40k confirmations) for a deposit to be effective.

So it would seem contradictory it is now enjoying this resurgence. However, this might be the consequence of the actions of its big brother Ethereum. Ethereum has been planning to change its consensus algorithm to proof of stake for some time, and the change seems to be even closer now. However, the huge mass of miners that are now securing the Ethereum network needs to migrate to other chains to survive, and the market might be anticipating this move betting on Ethereum Classic for the future.

Ethereum Classic is currently trading at $89.97 CAD

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