How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada


Wealthsimple is a fintech company based in Canada. Focused on investing for the millenial generation, they have been around for several years. They first launched in Canada a product that helps Canadians invest in mutual funds. They then launched Wealthsimple Stocks last year, which allows Canadians to invest into the stock exchange. Their latest app which released in 2021 allows Canadians to invest in Cryptocurrencies. Although they have a limited selection of Cryptocurrencies to choose from at the moment, the plan is to add more as time goes on. With the simplicity and reliability of the Wealthsimple platform, you can invest in Cryptocurrency without any fear.

These are the Cryptocurrencies that are currently available for investing in on Wealthsimple:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

Wealthsimple is planning to add more cryptocurrencies as time goes on, here is the latest from their website:

As you may have noticed, we like keeping things simple. That’s why we’re starting out by offering Bitcoin and Ethereum. They’re two of the highest market cap and most popular cryptocurrencies. We do plan to offer more in the future — stay tuned. (02/05/2021)

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